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Toptapestries offer the best high quality tapestries from around the web in a variety of styles.

Wall Trippy Tapestries A variety of crazy psychedelic tapestries. This includes tie dye, mandalas, elephants and other tapestry types. These tapestries are perfect for parties or just as humble bedroom decor. If you're looking for something a bit different or outside the box, these wall hangings are very hard to beat.

A range of cheap tapestries which you can use to give your room a really spark. These include mandalas in a variety of different colours, tree of life tapestries and other decor items. For those who want to spruce up their home on a low budget, this collection is difficult to beat.

For those who love elephants, there is a wide variety here for you to browse. It includes both African and Indian elephants in a selection of different styles and colours.

There are many more tapestries to browse and choose from at Toptapestries. If you need to give your house a makeover, or just want a new picnic blanket you are sure to find something suitable. It is important to decorate your home in a manner that brings out positive vibes and keeps you in a good mood.

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